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Poison Ivy - A Little Birdie Told Me by etaru
Poison Ivy - A Little Birdie Told Me
Finally rewore Ivy after two years, with a copper wig which I think matched my pale complexion a little more. The birds were from the Kalahari Resort which hosts Colossalcon, who were lovely, but fought pretty aggressively over the food in my hand. 
Unfortunately, this will probably have been my last year attending, until the convention and overseeing resorts get their situation with the baby tigers sorted out, as I personally no long want to support an organization that is okay with exploiting baby animals, and claiming it's for conservation efforts. More info here:…

Poison Ivy made and modeled by me 
Photo by LuckyGrim
Thanks everyone who I got to say hello to at ECCC Seattle and the wonderful photographers who took the time to shoot my costumes, you guys are the best <3 What a wonderful return trip to my old stomping grounds. Arsenal and Canary were a great hit and I'm very proud and flattered of all the compliments they received. They'll be worn again at C2E2 (Chicago) at the end of April, we'll have a full Team Arrow group! 
So very tired and drained from Dragoncon, but again, it exceeded all expectations and continued to be my favorite convention to attend! I can't possibly do call outs to every friend I saw and new persons I met because I know I'd miss someone, but you all know who you are and how you contributed to making it a fabulous time! 
I only ended up wearing three costumes (Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Emma Frost) with Emma as my only new one, but I kept this year moreso about socializing and seeing good friends rather than seeking out cosplay groups. I can't wait to share the shoots I did get to do though, my advance thanks to all the talented photographers I had the pleasure of working with, new and old! 

Currently, I don't have any more conventions lined up for 2014, but may hit up MAGfest or Katsucon in early 2015, due to change. 
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United States
I'm a Russian-born cosplayer residing in Chicago. I've loved wearing and creating costumes for 10 years, and have had the distinct privilege and honor of doing it with so many loving fans and creative colleagues across two continents. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and continue with me on this fantastic journey :)

Спасибо за просматривая мою галерею!

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