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Hey lovelies, great news! I'll be back in Europe this week at MCM Expo as a finalist judge for EuroCosplay :D 
Whom will I see there?? I can't wait to meet all you amazing Brits, and EuroCosplay finalists~ I'm making a new costume for the event, updates soon!
I wanted to thank everyone I met, old friends and new, who made our first trip to the Netherlands and Animecon an absolutely amazing experience! The convention staff were incredibly on top of things, making sure events ran smoothly and us judges were on time for all our events, we could never have operated so well without all the gophers XD I have truly the utmost respect for Animecon to have found such dedicated staff with unwavering morale, it's a rarity, and you guys need to know that <3
Thank you to the attendees for showing such support for the guests and events, everyone I spoke to - and myself included - felt so welcomed and happy to be there! I'd love to host some more panels and Q&A's next time because with judging schedules taking up so many hours each day left little time to socialize and mingle. 

I have a special thank you to all the cosplay contestants who spent countless hours building their incredible outfits and preparing their skits in the Animecon contest, BorderCos, CICAF, C4, ECG, CWM, Yamato Cup, and EuroCos. You guys are truly blessed to have access to so many international competitions, and all decisions were very hard to make for us judges. I know it was also very refreshing for several judges to have so many contestants coming back to us after the contests - even if they won an award - asking for feedback and what they could do to improve the next time; I have to believe this is a very Dutch/European trait haha but it's quite impressive to see people placing their improvement over the fear of critique, and we tried to be as honest and constructive as possible both with construction and skits/stage presence. If anyone has any questions about the way we judged your performance and costume, or would like just general feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, or the performance judge Kev (, we want everyone to succeed and have the best experience possible :D 
Animecon NL attendees: Sunday from 9:00-10:00, Kev will be hosting the panel "Acting for the Cosplay Stage: Short-form Theatre Meets Conventions", and I'll likely be there as a prop mannequin for example XD
It's an excellent and rare opportunity to learn tips about cosplay skit construction and acting on stage for international audiences from a seasoned theatre and film actor! 
Location: South America room of World Forum (right next to the Willem main stage) from 9:00-10:00 Sunday.
Starting planning and prep for in The Hague, just over 2 weeks away, any costumes you guys would like to see there? Planning on Sailor Neptune, (new) Lady Punisher and....what else? Black Widow? Alisa Bosconovitch? Help me pick! 
Finally get to share this! I'll be in the Netherlands next year as guest at Animecon, in the Hague! Can't wait to see you again soon Europe <3…
So very tired and drained from Dragoncon, but again, it exceeded all expectations and continued to be my favorite convention to attend! I can't possibly do call outs to every friend I saw and new persons I met because I know I'd miss someone, but you all know who you are and how you contributed to making it a fabulous time! 
I only ended up wearing three costumes (Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Emma Frost) with Emma as my only new one, but I kept this year moreso about socializing and seeing good friends rather than seeking out cosplay groups. I can't wait to share the shoots I did get to do though, my advance thanks to all the talented photographers I had the pleasure of working with, new and old! 

Currently, I don't have any more conventions lined up for 2014, but may hit up MAGfest or Katsucon in early 2015, due to change. 
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United States
I'm a Russian-born cosplayer residing in Chicago. I've loved wearing and creating costumes for 10 years, and have had the distinct privilege and honor of doing it with so many loving fans and creative colleagues across two continents. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and continue with me on this fantastic journey :)

Спасибо за просматривая мою галерею!

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